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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Why do I need donation?

First of all, I will need to clarify that, I'm still a student, I have no job and still depend a lot on my parents for all the charges, broadband, cybercafe etc. etc.
If anyone who'd like to donate please drop a email to : or my bank in to my account.
Even RM10 can make alot of difference.
PS : I also need some money, as I'm not running any annoying ads beside's Nuffnang which is rather colorful =), and I don't earn much from there.
Some sites which offer papers to be downloaded is asking for money for the shemes, but here I also upload the schemes together with the question papers.
So there is all the reason, why you should donate.
Furthermore I can't see any reason of me disappointing anyone, by reading all the comments it show's I'm helping you guys alot for the pass few years without fail, so the basic "I help you, you help me policy".
I'm not asking you guys but if you guys sincerely think I'm doing a good job, then please do donate.
Thanks in advance.
After reading all the honest comment, I really hope I will recieve an email soon.
I'm really looking forward there will be people who email me saying "they want to donate"
Thanks again.

PS : If you'd like to donate please email me:


Bank In to CIMB Bank.
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Bank In to MAYBANK Bank.
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Your's sincerely,
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